Tayside Branch

Film - The Battle of Arras

Alastair Fraser

The Battle of Arras is the last of the three “great battle pictures” produced by British cameramen in the Great War. It has always languished in the shadow of its much better known cousins The Battle of the Somme and The Battle of the Ancre and did not achieve remotely the same commercial success. However it is a fascinating view of the British Army of 1917, an organisation that was learning from the ordeal of the previous year and at Arras dealt the enemy a blow from which they struggled to recover. This is a rare opportunity to see an important film that has been largely forgotten. The showing will be accompanied by an historical introduction and commentary by Alastair Fraser of Durham University Library, co-author of Ghosts on the Somme: filming the battle. June-July 1916.

Programme of Events, 2018

15th September