Tayside Branch

Programme of Events, 2018

27th January

'The War Poets at Craiglockhart'

- Catherine Walker. 

In the summer of 1917 two officers, both of them writers and poets, met at Craiglockhart War Hospital for Officers, the fine Victorian hydropathic building that is now Edinburgh Napier University Business School. Wilfred Owen was recovering from shell-shock - his condition having been described as 'shaky'. Siegfried Sassoon had been sent to Craiglockhart by a medical board having publicly criticised the conduct of the war. Both men became friends and contributed to 'The Hydra' - the hospital magazine - while they underwent treatment. Owen was helped and greatly influenced by Sassoon and the few months that they spent at Craiglockhart was a productive period for both men.  Catherine Walker is the curator of the War Poets Collection which was established in 1988 and which illustrates the lives of Owen, Sassoon, Robert Graves (who visited his friend Sassoon and met Owen at Craiglockhart) and will explore the collection and the lives of the war poets represented.

(Picture IWM)