Tayside Branch

Programme of Events, 2017

13th May

Niall Cherry - Historian, Author.


Niall is an ex-RAMC soldier with a deep interest in the two major conflicts of the 20th century. He has published 8 books on these conflicts including, “Most Unfavourable Ground”, on the Battle of Loos. He has visited the Western Front on many occasions.


'Messines Ridge' - on 7 June 1917 a painstakingly planned attack is launched on Messines Ridge in Belgium by troops of General Sir Herbert Plumer's Second Army after a 17-day bombardment from 2000 guns. Just before the attack a series of huge mines are exploded under the German lines changing the geography as well as the history of the war. British losses in the successful attack are 17,000. The Germans lose 25,000 men including 7,500 prisoners. With the high ground in British hands the Third Battle of Ypres could start in late July.